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A documentary that traces the landmark environmental case -- Anderson et al vs. Beatrice Foods & WR Grace -- in Woburn, Massachusetts, from genesis to conclusion. It is based on the book and feature film by the same name (A Civil Action), with the film starring John Travolta and Robert Duvall. We weave archival news footage and exclusive interviews with the case’s principals and the reporters who covered the trial. Clips from the feature film also help tell this compelling drama about a small New England town that triumphs after discovering that toxic waste had caused leukemia and the subsequent deaths of its children.


Hosted by Jerry Orbach, aired on Court TV October 31, at 10 P.M.  Jerry Orbach celebrates over a decade of courageous officers who are the inspiration for his character, Detective Lennie Briscoe of the popular dramatic series, “Law & Order." Detective David Foster, of the Newark Police Department’s Domestic Violence and Sexual Assaults Division, was named 1999 Police Officer of the Year for saving the life of a woman who had been the victim of a stalker and rapist.  In protecting the woman’s life, Detective Foster took a bullet from the woman’s jealous boyfriend, eventually wounding and killing the assailant. Throughout the gripping hour program, BADGE OF COURAGE: POLICE OFFICER OF THE YEAR highlights the valor of previous Parade and IACP winners.  They include FBI agent Edmundo Mireles and his heart stopping account of the 1984 Miami Firefight; off duty NYPD officer Arlene Beckles for her quick response to a lethal robbery in a beauty salon; Lieutenant Lloyd Prescott, who purposely became a hostage in a library under siege by a gunman; Commanding officer Sergeant Rory Tuggle during the Las Vegas riots; and the brave New Jersey police chief who, never firing his gun, created a nationwide program to help teenagers get off the streets and return home safely. Additionally, BADGE OF COURAGE: POLICE OFFICER OF THE YEAR salutes Parade Magazine’s and the IACP’s 1999 outstanding Honorable Mentions, from Arizona to Pennsylvania.  It also covers the methods of the unusual selection process that narrows the field of 220 officers whose acts of bravery have earned them the 1999 nominations for the prestigious Police Officer of the Year award.


What is a hero? Heroes put the lives of others before their own. They are courageous and admired for their brave and noble deeds. We have all heard the stories of tremendous acts of heroism that have touched our hearts and made us proud. Now, its third year as a television special for Tru TV and Parade Magazine, the Donna Kanter Company produces "Badge of Courage: Police Officer of the Year. The one-hour program salutes the year 2001 law enforcement nominees and their exemplary actions in the line of duty...all in the days preceding 9.11. Host Dennis Franz of "NYPD Blue" pays a special tribute to the men and women of 9/11 as he takes us through the courageous acts of ten candidates across the nation, and the 2001 Police Officer of the Year, Sgt. Joseph Farina, from Newark, New Jersey.


In its fourth year as a television special for Court TV and "Parade" Magazine,  the Donna Kanter Company produces the one hour program, "Badge of Courage: Police Officer of the Year".  The program salutes the year 2001 law enforcement nominees and their exemplary actions in the line of duty. "Badge of Courage: Police Officer of the Year" is hosted by actor Gordon Clapp ("NYPD Blue") and aired on Court TV on October 20, 2002. The ten candidates and winner, chosen by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), are announced at the IACP's annual convention in Minneapolis and in the Sunday, September 29 edition of "Parade" Magazine.


Newark, New Jersey. When MAYLON JOHNSON was shot to death in 1971, her distraught 14-year-old daughter told police she saw a man who looked like her mother's boyfriend flee the house.  Authorities investigated, but could never find enough evidence to arrest MOODY OWENS, or any other men fascinated by the pretty factory worker and mother of three. Now, 35 years later, DETECTIVES RASHID SABUR and KEITH SHEPPARD of Newark's COLD CASE SQUAD know why: it was Johnson's daughter -- SUSAN WATSON -- who shot and killed her.


We return to the tight community of Newark, New Jersey to follow cold case detectives Rashid Sabur and Keith Sheppard as they tackle and crack the Reynaldo Lopez and Elias Lopez cases. The disappearances and subsequent murders of both men (unrelated) are eventually linked to the same killers.  A jailhouse leak takes the cold cop cops on a suspenseful hunt for a name and face belonging to a body that they have unearthed in an apartment basement.  The clever culprits will soon discover that others can play their lethal hiding game...and win, for the families long awaiting justice.


Three world renowned destinations, in three entirely different environments, have something in common: each has been held hostage by a killer. In Yosemite National Park, a handyman snuffs out the lives of four nature lovers. Then, a world away, in Miami’s glitzy South Beach, a serial killer sets his sights on fashion superstar Gianni Versace. And in the 1960s, when a mysterious “Boston Strangler” murders thirteen women, a construction worked named Albert DeSalvo confesses to the crimes. His story holds for 40 years, until the nephew of one of his alleged victims asks if DeSalvo is really the Boston Strangler. Now, Casey Sherman is on a mission to find the true killer of his aunt, Mary Sullivan. Through the eyes of those who can never forget, we explore new revelations about three of America’s most notorious crimes… on Crime Scene Secrets: Famous Places, Infamous Cases.


We examine two of the most infamous unsolved crimes in American history, as well as the aura of mystery that lingers over them. In Boston and Seattle, FBI special agents reveal the bizarre aspects of both cases and law enforcement's frustration over not being able to solve either of the outrageous heists. We travel with a Vietnam War veteran as he combs the sprawling woods of the Pacific Northwest. For 20 years, he has been looking for the remains of D.B. Cooper, and will not rest until he has answers to the 1971 crime. Then, a widow in Florida comes forth with new evidence that her husband may, in fact, have been D.B. Cooper. The 1990 GardnerMuseum heist in Boston yielded the largest theft of art treasures in history. In our story of the unsolved crime, we feature the Boston Herald reporter who inadvertently breaks open the Gardner case after a mysterious midnight drive to a warehouse culminates in a stunning discovery. Finally, a candid interview with a notorious art thief whom law enforcement has long suspected of planning the Gardner heist.


A young student at the mercy of intruders,16-year-old Lisa Rene is grabbed form her Arlington, Texas apartment. The FBI's ERTs have few suspects just hours later, but they will put together leads from the shattered glass door and men seen in camouflage fleeing the area in an old cadillac, exchanging cars as they try to stay one city ahead of investigators. The ERTs will discover how Lisa has become a victim of her own brothers' botched drug deal, and how they have run away from her life. The astounding ticking clock chase ends in a landmark FBI case that brings justice to Lisa Rene's family after a deadly revenge ride across state lines and in the depths of Arkansas forests. A one hour ERT special for Court TV in 2006 from the Donna Kanter Company, Inc.


In our pilot ERTs' episode -- INSIDE THE YELLOW LINE -- we feature Miami's FBI Evidence Response Teams. Miami is the Casablanca of the western hemisphere, gateway to Central and South America and to the Caribbean. These regions, along with Southern Florida, are so vast that the Miami ERTs are one of the largest units in the country, with 32 ERT members, or 4 teams. When American bodies are beyond recognition on a tour bus in Guatemala, the Miami ERTs move in. When American missionaries are shot down while flying back to their church in Peru, the Miami ERTs take the case. When Dade County police find a decomposed body, Miami ERT supervisor SCOTT HAHN determines that it is that of a Colombian drug lord, missing for months. Inside the Yellow Line, the first of three ERT episodes from The Kanter Company, is a modern whodunit with forensics and new sleuthing technologies that battle -- and beat -- the ticking clock.


Michelle Ramskill-Estey, 35, a pretty, blonde, single mother, is on the management “fast track” for the Bank of America in San Diego County when she becomes the victim of a violent crime that only the ERTs can solve. But as the FBI’s ERTs feverishly work to unravel the mystery of an elaborate Brinks heist, the case begins to point to the bank’s manager…..Michelle Ramskill-Estey. But a new wrinkle emerges in the case. When the FBI interviews the suspects, agents learn that their chief victim may, in fact, be the mastermind of an inside job. Or is she?


They are a team of women who band together online to track clues and solve cases across the country.  They call themselves FLIP, which stands for Female Legal & Investigative Professionals. In our premiere episode we follow the team on its case that leads to its formation: the tell tale t-shirt that revolves around the mysterious murder of a woman in Baltimore, Maryland.  The newly formed FLIP team identifies the victim from the details on the shirt, helps the Baltimore police renew its efforts to solve what is now clearly a homicide, and now a family is also able to put its mother and sister to rest. Then we follow the team to Quincy, Massachusetts (Boston area) on a ticking clock case.  FLIP must find the culprit who has been leaving notes and kidnapping threats on the porches of homes where families live with small children.   Employing a handwriting expert, internet researchers, and seasoned investigators, the FLIP team incredibly is able to catch the stalker hours before he strikes.


In 1943, future renowned feature film still photographer Louis Goldman is 17 when he and his family have crisscrossed Europe and trekked over the treacherous Alps, barely ahead of the Nazis. Italian peasants have helped Louis's father undergo emergency surgery, in time for the Goldmans' journey to their last hope... a secret rescue operation in Florence... where the cardinal and his diocesan priests risk their lives to save Louis Goldman, his mother, father, and 12-year-old brother, Harry... among many Jews who are hunted by the Germans and Italian Fascists. FRIENDS FOR LIFE is a short film based on the book by the same title, written by Louis Goldman, a memoir of his years in hiding during world War II. Donna Kanter, editor of the book that was published by Paulist Press in November 2008, adapted two chapters of the book to create the short film. Louis Goldman would survive his ordeal, and become one of the world's most renowned feature film, still photographers, often called the 'stillman' on a film set.

Friends For Life Press Release from Paulist Press (PDF)

Friends For Life Book by Louis Goldman, Foreword by Donna Kanter (Amazon)


This one-hour special takes a unique journey through the Hollywood Hills where celebrities have lived their dreams of fame and fortune… and also met their deaths. We examine the cases of Marilyn Monroe, John Belushi, and Playmate Dorothy Stratten -- three tragic stories that remain filled with mystery and intrigue. Marilyn Monroe, the girl born and raised near Hollywood, grew up to become the most recognized movie sex symbol in the world, yet died alone in her bed near the town that had made her famous. John Belushi was the comic genius who ventured into the shadowy world of drugs and decadence, only to end up dead in a rented bungalow of a landmark hotel on Sunset Boulevard. Dorothy Stratten, the star-struck Canadian teenager who came to Hollywood, became a favorite of publishing mogul Hugh Hefner, and was well on her way to a stellar career as model and actress when she was tortured and murdered. We visit Hefner and his Playboy mansion that served as Stratten’s second home. We enter the private VIP party room where Belushi spent some of his final hours, and hear from friends, collectors, and fans who are keeping Monroe’s memory alive.


This one-hour special travels beyond the glamour of Hollywood’s dream-factory image into its underworld of crime and scandal. We re-examine the “Manson Family” murder of actress Sharon Tate; the slaying of Lana Turner’s live-in boyfriend, Johnny Stompanato; and Rebecca Schaeffer, a rising young star until an obsessed fan takes her life. We visit the places where these stories began, and tragically ended the estate that director Roman Polanski owned with his beautiful actress wife, Sharon Tate; the Beverly Hills mansion where Lana Turner’s teenage daughter Cheryl Crane stabbed Stompanato to death; and the Hollywood apartment building where Rebecca Schaeffer answered the door to a fatal gun shot. Prosecutors, defense attorneys, eyewitnesses, family members, and investigators vividly walk us through these real-life Hollywood tragedies, with new insights.


“Las Vegas: Caught on Tape” is all about the people who play there -- and win and lose there.  There’s an “eye in the sky” that keeps everyone honest in Vegas. A Vegas security expert takes us behind the scenes to see how surveillance teams keep close watch on the players and the money.   On tape we see cheaters caught in the act.  But the cameras don't just catch customers cheating.  Sometimes, even the dealer tries to beat the odds. Not far from the Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette tables, there's a different type of high stakes gamble taking place, and it's caught on camera.  We see purse-snatchers, armed robberies, and jewelry heists.   But not everything caught on tape is a crime.  A couple of risk-takers gamble it all by jumping from the Stratosphere -- for kicks.  Lady Luck hands out a million dollar jackpot.  Sparks fly as a luxury jet makes an emergency landing.  Plus, we watch as some of the biggest hotels ever bite the dust.  It’s all in Las Vegas and it’s all Caught on Tape. 


• Which HBO 'Sopranos” star used to be Vegas club bouncer?
• How did Elvis Presley pick up chicks at The Las Vegas Hilton? And what really happened the night Elvis shot out his hotel television set?
• Which $30 million-dollar a year TV comic was forced to give plasma at a Las Vegas blood bank for food money?
• And why did Frank Sinatra have a vendetta against singing star Frankie Avalon?

Find out the answer to these and many more Sin City secrets in exclusive interviews with Las Vegas’ most famous residents. We'll dine at a secret hideaway with the “Karate Kid’s” teacher, Pat Morita, see Wolfgang Puck’s kitchen secrets. We’ll shop for secret props with comedian Carrot Top; see the unmasked faces behind The Blue Man Group; witness the secrets of Rick Springfield's 'FX' show; find out the real secret of Las Vegas Number One Entertainer Danny Gans’ success. Other interviews include those with Frankie Avalon; magician Lance Burton; Elvis' road manager and best man, Joe Esposito; “Soprano” stars Dominic Chianese and Steve Schirripa; singer Sheena Easton, sports figures, musicians and magicians, and many more…On Las Vegas Celebrity Secrets.


She is the comic legend who launched the modern sitcom, and became America’s sweetheart for over four decades. Now, the Travel Channel takes you on a tour through the incredible life of the world’s favorite redhead: Lucille Ball. As we visit the places that shaped her rise to the title of “Lucy: TV’s Comedy Queen”, we also tell the story behind the success of “I Love Lucy”, the troubled marriage between Ball and her husband/co-star, Desi Arnaz, and the Desilu Empire that rose and fell with them. In this program, there are stories that have never been told before, with colorful, often poignant observations from the artists who worked with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz during their extraordinary rise to fame, from Jamestown, New York (Ball’s birthplace) and Santiago De Cuba (Arnaz’s birthplace), to New York City, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills.


From inside exclusive gaming rooms we see how “Whales” -- the nickname for those that bet at least a million dollars on a three-day trip to Las Vegas –- are treated. From pick-up to drop off by casino jet, everything is free.  Go to a party at the Hard Rock where invitations go out to big gamblers only.  But the party’s no gamble – the hotel room, the drinks and the entertainment are gratis. These gamblers even get a credit line at the casino. Take a peek inside the Rio Hotel’s Palazzo Suites – reserved for those gamblers who risk thousands at the tables. A single baccarat bet, the Whale’s game of choice, can be as much as $100,000.  Watch a high stakes golf game where players bet up to $35,000 a hole and sit in on a poker game, where any player can lose (or win) $500,000.  And if you think it’s just the players that win, think again.  Some big winners, like Australian whale Kerry Packer, have been known to tip over a million dollars to dealers after a lucky game.  Heartthrob Ben Affleck doled out tokes (as tips are referred to in Vegas) of over $150,000. It’s high stakes for high rollers and the casinos.  And it’s all about the need to win.


Washington DC, our capitol, is the nation's most heavily guarded city.  It is no wonder that visitors line up in the early hours for one of its most popular tours: The FBI at 10th and Pennsylvania, six blocks from the White House.  Here at Bureau headquarters, tourists get a glimpse of the methods, technology, and weapons that FBI agents use to combat global crime. But now, we go behind closed doors to the FBI's training facilities, 45 minutes south of Washington DC, in Quantico, Virginia. Half boot camp, half think tank, this is where the FBI trains the best and the bravest to outsmart the sharpest of criminals and to thwart their rogue technology. In “No Access: Inside The FBI", we visit the FBI Academy with the men and women who prepare for combat with the unseen enemy.  We train with new agents who are learning the precision of gathering crime scene evidence, or making proper felony stops.  And we go "down range" with seasoned agents who return to Quantico to advance their techniques in preventing bomb threats, or identifying weapons of potential mass destruction.  We also explore the Violent Criminal Apprehension Program, known as VICAP, to find out how agents match up criminals to their crimes, throwing them the perfect bait to reel them in before they strike again. With the students and their trainers from across the nation, in "No Access: Inside The FBI ", we take an exclusive tour of the FBI Academy, behind closed doors.


The stories of people who come face-to-face with the awesome power of volcanoes and earthquakes, and live to tell about it. Hear from residents who survived a volcanic eruption on the island of Montserrat that destroyed two-thirds of the Caribbean paradise. Travel with scientists to the steaming rim of Kilauea, and hear from the only man who endured three terrifying days inside the Hawaiian volcano.  Watch Nature’s spectacular fireworks as molten lava turns the ocean into a boiling cauldron. See actual videotape of quakes as they happen. Then, meet the people who lived through some of the most deadly earthquakes to hit California, and the rescue workers who risked their lives to save them. Archival footage and first-person interviews weave a powerful story of man at the mercy of Nature’s breath-taking power and fury. 


Practical Jokers: do you want to get even, take someone down a notch, or just give them an attitude adjustment? For a prank they'll never forget, join us on Payback! PAYBACK: a comedy-reality program. Are you so irritated with someone over annoyances that you’re driven to break off a friendship?  Or to disown your sister?  Well, stop!  We’re here to help.  It’s time to do something drastic about that so-called friend who habitually keeps you waiting – who causes you to miss a job interview, your plane to New York, or your own birthday party. Or you have a brother who’s so damned fussy about his appearance and clothing that you can’t touch a tee shirt of his, much less borrow it – then isn’t it time to take him to the cleaners? Join us for PAYBACK, a one hour comedy-reality program produced by The Donna Kanter Company, Inc., originally broadcast on NBC. 


One thousands years from its origins, atop the simple graveyard of a martyr, it is the most visited place in the world, and the smallest country in the world. For a quarter of a century it had one spiritual leader: Pope John Paul II, the Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church. From the things you’ve never heard or would least expect….from the art and architecture, to the buried city of the dead…. we take you inside Pope John Paul II’s Vatican – for a rare visit and a unique look. Though Vatican City is the world's smallest sovereign nation, it is one of the most powerful. Its leader is Europe's last absolute monarch elected by his peers, and carries one of the greatest burdens: the spiritual care of one billion people. Join us Inside Pope John Paul II’s Vatican, where saints are proclaimed, cardinals are ordained, where American pilgrims renew their faith, and much of history finds its source.


The circus is coming to town: magic words to anyone who has ever dreamed of running away to a life of adventure. Now, The Kanter Company runs away with the circus for real, for a one hour special on the Travel Channel. For the first time, Ringling Bros. ® and Barnum & Bailey invite us inside The Greatest Show On Earth® to experience circus life as we've never seen it before. It's been called the great get-away of the imagination, and it's the longest running hit in show business history. Come with us to Houston, Texas, behind the scenes for the secrets of the world's most famous circus artists, trainers, and managers on RINGLING BROS. REVEALED: THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH®


We take a VIP tour through the most important house in the world: The White House -- a workplace, a celebration hall, and a home to America’s First Family. We meet the men and women who make the institution run -- a sharp, fast-paced staff of 450 movers, shakers, and policymakers – from the president’s personal photographer, to his communications and production design teams. They are also the press secretaries who represent the Oval Office, sometimes clashing with 80 White House reporters who question the President’s policies and messages. Find out what information they’re allowed to tell the public, and what they’re not. We keep pace with the President and President-watchers, from trips abroad, to the “Texas White House”. Near his retreat at Camp David, we hear stories that the staff has waited 25 years to tell. And we visit the President’s guest house in Washington, D.C. where foreign dignitaries stay, and where one former President lived. Join our VIP tour of the White House...the People’s 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, in the nation’s capitol.